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One umbrella, four products

  1. https://joydhakweb.in(unicode based Bangla webzine (Free to view) TRIMONTHLY. Published on 15th of (March, Jun, September and December)
  2. bit.ly/joydhakweb ( download joydhak webzine ebook from google playstore. The little money we get here helps run this web magazine free for you)
  3. https://joydhakbooks.in/ (Webstore for Print books published by Joydhak Prakashan)
  4. bit.ly/joydhakebook( Webstore for purchase of Ebooks published by Joydhak Prakashan and sold through Google Play 


Spoken by 240 million people worldwide, Bengali Language is the seventh most spoken language in the world. Bengali is one of the richest languages in literature among all major languages of the world and is being constantly enriched by new, bright storytellers and poets joining the fold regularly. Unfortunately the literary activities in this language are mostly paper based, localised and costly and hence are inaccessible to most of the readers worldwide. (with a 240 Mn strong probable readers, a 1000-copy sale of a book is considered  a huge success in Bengali publishing industry!!)

JOYDHAK is a mission to address this situation. Through this trimonthly periodical (https://joydhakweb.in) and our audiozine (https://joydhakweb.in/audiovisual/), we are trying to take the Bengali literature to the desktops and mobile screens of the Bengali population worldwide.


Started initially as a paper based magazine in 2000, Joydhak went to Web as an image based Bangla magazine in 2007 with technical assistance from Rohon Kuddus and his SRISTISUKH(http://www.joydhak.com), making it the first ever full scale literary Webzine for Bengali children.  Subsequently, We have shifted to the unicode-compliant premium site  https://joydhakweb.in at present we have an annual readership way above a hundred thousand spread in 67 countries. The earlier image based site http://www.joydhak.com  functions currently as an archival site for issues older than five years.

From 2017 our sister concern “JOYDHAK PRAKASHAN”, a partnership Farm has been launched. Presently this concern is a thriving publishing house with a strong presence in all segments of Bengali printbook market. Our College street outlet is at College sq. opp Putiram at “Aranyamon” stall, our Webstore is at JOYDHAK PRAKASHAN WEBSTORE , our Amazon storefront functions at JOYDHAK AMAZON STORE  and our Ebookstore on Google platform cn be visited at Joydhak Ebooks For any query feel free to conact us. Our contact details are available at this tab–>


Debjyoti Bhattacharyya.
(Founder & Editor)


8 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Very good composition of portal in Bengali Language and also all we are getting flavor of our Old composer of Comics / Pictorial small Poem , Story / Comics etc Like Sukumar Roy / Narayan Debnath . Very nice co ordination & proposition of all round elements of Bengali Languages . All the best . Debasis das

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  2. Dear debojyoti sir, ami payel, ajke “boi vs ebook” debate r pore sera proshno kore audience theke first holam..youtube like forum for literature er proposal diechilam. . Site ta dekhlam.. Content looks nice, but responsive web designing should be applied. Desktop and mobile sites should be same and responsive depending on the target device. Please check http://www.palms.com for example, this is developed by me. You can call/text/watsapp /mail me. payel.iem@gmail.com


    1. We are in a process of switchover from our pre-unicode image based site to wordpress hosted unicode site. while the new issues are and will be on a single unicode based site, the earlier image based issues still remain their in the old site. Migrating these old content is labor intensive job. Basically a logistic issue.


  3. আন্তরিক সাফল্য কামনা করি। আরো জোরে বেজে উঠুক জয়ঢাক ।


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